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Custom tailored clothing for long has been the mark of sophistication and class. It is. Today, however, with the advent of the fast paced culture, custom-made clothing has become nearly obsolete and more of a symbol of the bygone era of laidback royalty, which only the creamy class enjoyed. However, people several times forget that the world judges you by what you choose to wear. So selecting mass produced clothes will only make you one among the crowd.

Time constraint was one of the main reasons for custom tailoring to lose its sheen. However, thanks to the increasing reach of the internet world, owning a custom tailored wardrobe will no longer be a dream. E-tailoring or online tailoring is a relatively new concept that, like many other fashion trends, started among the celebrity crowds of LA to bring talented tailors from far off countries to our very own American celebrity netizens. However, what started as a fashion fad has now snowballed into a booming online industry.

E-tailor is one of the oldest continuously running online custom tailoring. We have a team of bench tailors, costume designers, custom clothiers, and fitting experts, who will provide you with the best custom clothing solutions. All you need to do is send us your requirements and measurements and we will take care of the rest.